Life Span Of Your Brand New Hard Drive

You Bought A New Hard Drive.. What Is Next?

You Bought A New Hard Drive.. What Is Next?

You should be very excited now that you have bought a new hard drive. You are ecstatic because you have more memory space for your applications, programs and even for your movie or work files. However, a lot of people have asked. How long really is the lifespan of a typical hard drive? Is it months? Is it years? Are there steps to lengthen the life of your brand new drive? Hopefully all these questions will be answered in this article.

Monitoring The Life Span Of Your Hard Drive

Backblaze, an independent company, tracked all the data for 25,000 drives for the next four years to know the actual lifespan of a hard drive. They keep a record of all the drives. When a hard disk fails, they take note of the date and change it will a brand-new replacement. Over the years they were able to come up with graphs and data that summarize the average life of a hard disk. Based on the data they have collected, hard disks fail on three distinct phases. The first phase lasts 1.5 years from the year of purchase has a failure rate of 5.1%. The second phase lasts 3 years from the original phase of purchase and has a failure rate of 1.4%. The last phase which is three years onwards from the original purchase date has a failure of 11.8%.

Failure Percentages Explained

Be aware.. They Can Fail

Be aware.. They Can Fail

This means that on the first phase, the chance that your hard drive will be destroyed is only 5.1%. This is very slim and this means that your hard disk is unlikely to fail after 1.5 years. The second failure rate which is also on the second phase is even reduced to 1.4%. This means that once your hard disk makes it to the second phase, you have a very tiny chance of having a failed hard disk. Your hard disk can last on average for three years without problems.

The Last Phase

In the last phase or beyond three years from the original date of purchase, it has a failure rate of 11.8%. This is a huge leap from the 1.4% that you got in the second phase. This means that your hard disk is likely to fail after the third year and you might need to replace it during this time. If you can’t replace it, better backup your files regularly.


Take Good Care Of Your Hard Drive To Make It Last Longer

Take Good Care Of Your Hard Drive To Make It Last Longer

If you bought a brand new hard today, there is a 90% chance that it will last for three years. Once you have reached three years, you are one of the lucky ones because you made it past three. On the fourth year, you need to backup your files regularly because there is a 12% chance that your hard drive will crash after the third year. Remember that hard disks are composed of discs are constantly spinning. When you don’t use your hard drive often, you can have more than three years of life but if you use it 24 hours a day, it may have a reduced life span.

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Enhance Sexual Experience: What Women Need To Know

Improve Your Sex Life

Improve Your Sex Life

If you think it is only the females who are picky to how they want it to happen about sex, you’re wrong. Men also like a satisfying sex just the way they want it and it’s just about right for women to be able to grant them that, too. Sex, such as a relationship, is also a give-and-take process, too. Your goal during sex should be to please each other as much as possible. For women, it might be unorthodox to be the one to take lead during sex, but they certainly can. Here’s how.

Praise drives men nuts

Despite the intensity of a hot sex, men still get self-conscious around their lady during the act, just as much as women do. As much as women like to be flattered, men also want to be praised in the bedroom. Notice about how he looks good – and about how he looks better naked. Mention good thing about him that you notice along the way. Men want to know they’re pleasing you right.

Sex for sex’s sake is good

There Is Nothing Wrong With Casual Sex

There Is Nothing Wrong With Casual Sex

Sometimes, it’s advisable to give in to a man’s “throw-me-down sex” request, too. Sexologist Dr. Joe Kort said that men want to enjoy raw sex with their woman not because he wants to show off his dominance, but because he aims on “ravishing her”. It’s best for women not to take it personally, and instead make it a satisfying experience for the both of you. If it’s ravishing that he wants, it’s ravishing that you’ll get.

Don’t judge them for their fantasies

As we all know, men are suckers for sexual fantasies but are afraid of revealing them not to creep women out. However, fulfilling his fantasies sometimes could really turn your sexual experience on and going. Every time you want to have sex, ask him one of his sexual fantasies, and when you think you can do it with comfort, give it a shot. Making their fantasies happen would totally leave them satisfied and wanting for more.

Explore your man

There are a lot of things about him, so don’t dwell only on his penis. This organ usually gets all the press during sex. What women fail to know is that men still have more “erogenous zones” than you can imagine. There are other places that a woman could certainly touch to keep the sex going, such as the chest, the face, or the inner thighs. Here’s a tip: gently grip your man’s testicles during an oral as this could be a major turn-on.

Dirty talk always makes it better

Have Fun With Sex

Have Fun With Sex

If you want to fully pleasure your man, and enhance your sex in the process, then don’t hesitate to talk dirty during the act. When their partner talks dirty, it drives them even more into making the experience a pleasurable one. It is also helpful to give your guy instructions on how you want it done during sex. He would take it as a challenge to please you even more. And men love challenges.

Women can definitely make the sexual experience great for their men, too. As much as your men do everything to satisfy their girl, women should also give them the credit they deserve.

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What Adjustable Dumbbells Are Right For You?

You Enjoy Lifting Weights

Do You Enjoy Lifting Weights?

Many people are interested to choose the best adjustable dumbbells for their needs. They can find a lot of types of dumbbells that are available on the market. This article can help all people find the best products that are suitable for their needs. These dumbbells are chosen because they have a lot of benefits and features for all users. Here are some recommended units for all people who want to build their own muscle effectively.

1. Bayou Adjustable Dumbbells

They are very recommended for all users. They come in two different options. They are 25 lb and 50 lb variant. People are able to use the adjustment system easily. All adjustments are in about 5 lb increments. These products have proper slide adjustment system. This system is very useful to help all users install and remove the weights easily. Bayou dumbbells are popular because they are made from durable materials. They are also affordable for most people. They are suitable for all users who do not have a lot of money for purchasing their favorite adjustable dumbbells.

2. Universal Power Pak 445

Adjustable Dumbbells Are The Best Option

Adjustable Dumbbells Are The Best Option

This is another great product that is suitable for all people needs. Universal Power Pak 445 has adjustable weights ranging from 4 lbs to 45 lbs. Therefore, people can choose their favorite weights based on their preferences and strength. People can adjust this weight by using a clever twist of its knob. This product comes with thermoplastic grips that are very comfortable for all users. It is not a difficult task to use these adjustable dumbbells from Universal Power. The dumbbells are recommended because they have beautiful design and durable products.

3. Ironmaster 75 lb Quick Lock Dumbbells

Some people are interested to buy the Ironmaster 75 lb Quick Look adjustable dumbbells. This set has a strong stand that can handle all plates easily. It is also equipped with the lock system that can prevent this set from falling down. People can adjust the weights by releasing the knob easily. There are some additional addons that are offered by the Ironmaster. This company is committed to give the best service for all customers. Therefore, people can enjoy all adjustable dumbbells from this company. This set can provide total weight of about 120 lbs for every dumbbell.

4. Bowflex SelectTech 1090

Adjustable Dumbbells Makes Weight Lifting Easier

Adjustable Dumbbells Makes Weight Lifting Easier

This is another dumbbell set that is recommended for all users. People can adjust this set from 10 lbs to 90 lbs easily. This company has good reputation as the best fitness company that provides a lot of great features for all users. This set has safety feature that is very important for all customers. This adjustable dumbbell is very affordable for most people. Because of that reason, many people are interested to buy this dumbbell set.

They are some recommended adjustable dumbbell sets that you should buy for your purposes. They are very suitable when you place them inside your house. It means that you do not have to visit your favorite local gym to train your muscle. There are many people who are satisfied with these products. Most of them are happy with the quality of these adjustable dumbbells.

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The Misconception That Banking With People With No Credit Score Is Risky

 Banking With People With No Credit Score Is Not  Risky

Banking With People With No Credit History Is Not Risky

Do you know that there are a lot of people in America without any credit history or credit report? The first thought that may come to your mind after hearing this is that these people are denied of any banking services. But this is not the case in reality. We are not talking about a few thousand people here. We are talking about approximately 6.5 million people. Surprising; isn’t it? No matter how surprising it may seem but this is the count of the people without any credit score in the US. These people include, but are not limited to, students and immigrants. If you do not have a credit score, you will be pleased to know that the banking options are not completely closed for you.

It Is Not Always Risky To Provide Banking Services To These People

A lot of banks are very clear that they will not provide services to the people who do not have any credit report. However, there are still many banks that are willing to be of service to these people. One of the leading credit companies did a research to find out if the people without credit score can prove their credibility in any manner. For this, they kept a close eye on the payment history of such people for at least 24 months. They came up with an interesting report based on their observation. The company said that it is safe to bank with the people without credit scores. They further claimed that more than 10 million people without credit score can be safely assumed to be in the prime and beyond finance category. If you do not have a credit score, but good payment history, you have a fair chance of getting banking services.

There Are More Options To Judge Credibility Than Just The Credit Score

You Don't Need A Credit Score To Get A Loan From A Bank

You Don’t Need A Credit Score To Get A Loan From A Bank

Undeniably credit report is the most reliable way to determine a person’s credibility. However, if the banks will only rely on the credit report, they will miss out the opportunity to provide services to 60 million people. Remember that these 60 million people are not those who have bad credit report. Their credit report just doesn’t exist. This means that they do not have a proven bad record. Banks know that it is a good opportunity for them as well to provide services to these people. Some banks have started seeing this as an opportunity and are ready to take steps to use alternative means to judge the creditability of these people.

Banks Can’t Miss This Opportunity

Banks Will Not Loose The Opportunity To Attrack New Clients

Banks Will Not Loose The Opportunity To Attrack New Clients

While some banks may be very categorical about not providing services to the unrated people, there are others that are already planning to device a system which will prove profitable to them. The alternative means of determining credibility are already in place.

The number of people without credit scores is huge. There is no way banks can overlook the immense potential with these people. Therefore, there are many financial institutions which are working hard to find ways to extend banking services to these people.

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Preparing An Inbound Content Strategy For Lead Generation

The Website Content Must Be High Quality

Your Website Content Must Be High Quality

The lead generation process doesn’t have to be as much of a burden as you might expect it to be. Several strategies may be utilized in order to figure out the right content for the task at hand.

The goal of these strategies is to bring people to landing pages or websites. Inbound content is needed to help you bring people into a site. These are found outside of your main website and will bring people into your new site. The things that you can do on such a site will certainly be useful.

Using social networks can help

Think About Using Social Media And Not Just Traditional Means Of Marketing

Think About Using Social Media And Not Just Traditional Means Of Marketing

With so many people flocking to social networks, it only makes sense that you focus on finding ways to get inbound marketing plans ready in a social network. Several things can be used to make it easier for you to utilize social networks to your advantage:

  • Use the same heading and image that you use on your landing page on your Facebook page. This is to create something that is sensible and ready to use while encouraging people to learn more on your site.
  • Incorporate information on yourself in your Twitter profile. Tell people about why your main page is so useful but don’t make it too direct.
  • Use the same tone on your landing page as what you use on your social networking pages.

Working with blogs can help

Blogs are also essential for bringing people to your landing pages. Much of this entails quality content to make what you have more appealing to others. This is all made with a few plans to make your site more functional and suitable.

  • Be sure when using your blogs to keep your messages from being too direct in terms of marketing your stuff. It’s easier to market your landing page if you are indirect about trying to tell people what it’s about.
  • Let your blog posts list information that is relevant to your promotional plans.
  • Keep your blogs updated as well as possible. This includes making sure that you can avoid being prone for a while; keep your blog updated with details on whatever it is you want to talk about.

Blogs may come with designs similar to what’s used in a landing page but try not to make what you use too similar. Make whatever you have look unique as soon as possible.

Using E-Newsletters is also advantageous

Electronic newsletters are useful for those who want to find ways to directly contact people. There are many rules worth identifying when bringing people to a landing page from such a newsletter:

Start Sending Your Newsletters Electronically

Start Sending Your Newsletters Electronically

  • Try to make the information on your links unique and state that you care about the individual customer. Quality content is required to make such a letter special and appealing.
  • Encourage new contests on your site. Contests may start by allowing people to click on a link to learn more about something and to enter in information in order to get access to a special deal.
  • Create a consistent schedule for handling e-newsletters. Send e-newsletters once a week so people will actually know what to expect. It’s also to keep you from being at risk of flooding your clients’ newsletters.

Your content strategy is critical to your site’s success. Be sure to watch for how your inbound content works so more people can show up to your site.

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